Intergenerational Leadership

Intergenerational Leadership is the collaboration between generations in an effort to lead together. This is accomplished by the elders teaching the importance of the historical context of how this city was governed during their era; generation Xers responsibilties are to bridge the gap between the elders and millenials by learning from the elders, holding current leadership, and teaching the millenials; millenials are responsible for learning the historical context, while extracting the valued lessons to develop a more effective innovative strategy for leadership of the future. It is critical that intergenerational leadership is implemented in the City of Raleigh at this time in this space.

Housing Justice

Housing Justice is a term that addresses all housing issues collectively. Housing justice addresses the lack of affordable housing, elderly housing issues, and unfair housing practices. District C is suffering in several areas of housing and it is time these areas be addressed.

Police Accountability

Implementing a citizen review board with investigatory, subpoena, and disciplinary powers. Raleigh Police Department's officers are sworn to protect and serve, having a citizen's review board implemented will be a tool to hold officers accountable. Implementing this board will not only say but display transparency.


Effectively addressing our transit needs via the Bus Rapid Transit System, along with the needs of our transit workers. Also looking at additional bicycle routes, multi use paths, wide shoulders, and buffered bicycle lanes.

Racial Equity and Inclusion

Developing a full department that addresses these issues throughout all of the City of Raleigh's departments. Requiring every employee to attend a dismantling racism training to get a foundational understanding of racism, its biases, and how it appears in everyday interactions. This department would also evaluate gender equity, and potentially the racial wealth and health disparities gap.

Infrastructure and the environment

Evaluating what out infrastructure can sustain throughout our development peak and how will that effect our environment. What is the water quality looking like?, How will it effect our electrical grids?